o estúdio [archiphilia]

Parti + Poche
April 6, 2009, 9:22 am
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In this parti I attempted to explore circulation in less of a linear, directional sense. Instead- I wanted to explore the inherent dynamic of different orthagonal spaces and their effects on the movement inside the spaces. For example, I take for granted that one would assume that long, thinner spaces will result in faster, linear movement as opposed to spaces which are as wide as they are long- which will encourage dwelling.
In this parti, I attempted to convey the idea that all the floors are linked by a vertical circulation zone moving throughout the villa.
This parti seeks to explore the position of openings in the building. This drawing was the parti that taught me the most about the building.
In this sectional parti I attempted to communiate the way that space opens up towards the northern half of the house, which is also the half of the house occupied by those with the highest social standing. In drawing this, my previous insistence that the house was made up of a series of closed pockets of space was disproved.
These axonometrics operate like graphs- the taller the volume, the higher the importance of those occupying the room. For example, the servant’s room is the shortest volume while the master bedroom is the highest. I attempted to convey this information in an axonometric drawing in order to avoid a legend for different hatches, as well as aesthetic reasons. Perhaps most importantly- I feel it communicates issues of heirachy quite well.
The poches were intended to emulate the poches of classical Roman buildings, as I found Villa Muller to be similar to many Roman buildings in the massing of the walls and the deliberate treatment of openings. The shadows in the plan poche were inteded to communicate a sense of drama and textural richness. Both poche have been dfated on two seperate sheets of drafting film.


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