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Project 2 Precedents
April 9, 2009, 8:59 am
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Here are some images i thought I might scan in and post.
EXTREME NATURE: Landscape of ambiguous spaces, Japanese Pavillion @ the Venice Biennale.
With my old narrative, the small interior zen garden corresponded with the “playful scene unfolding below”. This project then came to mind.
House N, Sou Fujimoto Architects
I thought about this project in terms of “OCCUPYING THE THRESHOLD” (one of the principal concepts behind my scheme). Also about internalised spaces. I want my scheme to reflect the internal nature of the woman in my narrative, adding another layer to the internal zen garden.
Sway house, Atelier Bow Wow
I thought this project was an interesting reference because of the way it manages to stay respectful to it’s context whilst still being distinct. This is something I really want to strive for in my scheme.
Balloon, junya.ishigami+associates
Chucked this is maily because it’s so cool.
Kanagawa Institute of Technology KAIT workshop, junya.ishigami+associates
I was thinking about this project about how it completely controls the movement within the space through the scattered columns. Also the image is reminiscent of an indoor forest.
Notre-Dame-du-Haut, Le Corbusier
Of course- I love the extremely deep openings which result in beautifully diffused light as well as the way the thickness of the wall is expressed.
Pilgramage Church of Mary, Queen of Peace, Gottfried Bohm
Jewish Museum, Daniel Libeskinde
I don’t particularly like this project… but the openings are interesting and are a different kind of opening to the ones I’ve already incorporated into my project.


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