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Bathing house for a flight attendant.
April 18, 2009, 10:38 am
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Important: South is up the page (is that even grammatically correct..?).
Also important:  At this stage, the ground floor is incorrect.  Therefore, the external staircase which appears on the upper level does not currently appear on the ground level plans, but it will be there eventually :-).

It is anticipated that the underground space will the primary bathing space.  Initially I thought I would incorporate baths i.e. still bodies of water, but the motif I’m trying to work with is flowing water so at this stage It’s simply running water (showers) running along the length of the western wall.

The space will have large, smooth, grey pebbles as a floor and varied sparse plants will be arranged across the plan.

I then imagine my flight attendant to…

move up the stairs, up into the upper level to dry off and to just rest and relax perhaps to watch passing-by trains or reading some newspapers to catch up with local news that she’s missed out on while working.

Because I’m trying to explore the notion of “occupying the threshold”, I’m trying to somehow place the main circulatory/inhabitation spaces around the perimeter of the building.  I believe I have achieved this, but I could perhaps emphasize it in certain places to strengthen this idea.

One feature that particularly emphasises this is the bay window on the north side where she can sit in the sun with lovely, northern light.

About her nudity- the northern side of the site runs along the train-line between Tokyo and Narita which means that the only people who will see her sitting in the window are the people travelling via Shinkansen (which by the way, travels at 300km/h so they wont see so much, anyway).

There are two types of windows incorporated.  Those which are to allow for solar access and those which are attempting to convey some sort of activity, whether its sunbathing (upper floor, northern side) or standing still while eating over a little bench (ground floor, north east corner).

Something I really tried to think about was room sizes and wall thicknesses.

While the space seems small, I tried to think about my flight attendant who will invariably be the only one using the space.  Its important that when she’s using the space between flights, she feels a sense of intimacy.  She won’t be in the space for long and she will be using it for a very specific reason, so a variety of spaces isn’t really necessary either.  This is how I justify the relatively small rooms.

I’m in the process of fine-tuning wall thicknesses.  Villa Muller taught me a lot about the impact wall thicknesses can have on the space, and that employing various wall-thicknesses is an effective way of indicating privacy/ openness.

Also, while it is possible to move from ground floor upwards, I try to suggest the kind of movement the stairs should be used for.  So, my stairs were designed under the pretence that it’s nicer to walk DOWN wide, shallow steps and UP narrow, steep steps.


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