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Concerns of mine…
April 19, 2009, 4:53 am
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This is the beginning of what will be a never ending list of my concerns re the scheme.
In an attempt to move forward, I’ve (ironically) returned back to Gerard Dou’s painting and have questioned my (loose) precedents and their relevance to me.

I’m also concerned that about the quality of light in the scheme.  I’m considering not have a roof at all, and having it open to the sky.  This would suit my programme as I think it would be nice to come -home- to a space with fresh air and that’s open to the sky… In which case I would have to cite Ando’s outdoor gallery in Kyoto as a precedent.  I thought it was fascinating in that all it did was create surfaces of inhabitation.  I say that instead of space because it wasn’t internalised at all.  Now that I think about it, he worked with a flowing water motif too.  Will post pics later.  In which case I would continue to explore the wall and openings in these walls as possible spaces of inhabitation as well as openings for light and air.  Would the siginificance of these openings be diminished by the lack of a roof?  I wonder… Also I’m a little concerned about portraying all my ideas… especially since there’s no way to represent sound in plan or section.  Also, since my site it more atmospheric than topographic I’m looking for a way to communicate a sense of site through different mediums be in collage, stop motion (something a part tutor, Meeray used in her final project) or collage.  I did take photos in Japan, and quite rampantly too… so sourcing images for a collage shouldn’t be an issue.


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