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Developing the Courtyard
May 28, 2009, 1:13 pm
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For a while, I had been struggling with the courtyard. Initiall I had just placed the couryard at the back of the site even though it made little sense to do so. I failed to see it as an integral space for displaying art. I then realised that it would be nonsensical for me to have such an important exhibition space outside of the two towers- after all it too was a core space.

Also, I had been thinking about a way to emphasize the idea of father and daughter tower. At first I wanted to include some sort of an attic level where, through little windows you could look down on the daughter tower, metaphoric for the relationship between a father and daughter.

It then occured to me that one solution existed for the two problems; by incorporating a roof-top sculpture garden, I would achieve a sunny space (which was a concern if it were to be at the back of the site, surrounded on all four sides by 3-storey buildings) in which one could look down on the daughter tower and all the while containing all key spaces in the two towers.

Also, I thought it would be whimsical if there were a little garden on the top of the daughter tower, so that it would feel like it were responding to the father tower.


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