o estúdio [archiphilia]

June 16, 2009, 6:10 pm
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+Like the Father and Daughter, the towers are insertions..
+Distorted site + awnings = staircase facade

I wanted to two towers to seem like insertions into Newtown. Essentially, I wanted the two towers to be self contained in an attempt to communicate that wherever these two towers are, they would be ok as long as that relationship between them remained the same.

Further, the site presented several problems.

Firstly, from street level the site seems distorted, progressing away from the street at an angle. Also, the awnings which continue all the way along King Street would hide any fantastic façade I could think up.

Born of these two problems came the staircase, which would simultaneously block the view into the interior, instantly move gallery patrons upstairs achieving the desired cyclical circulation and create a playful ‘anti-façade’ rapport with the street.

When I envisioned these stairs, I envisioned the playful relationship between street + gallery, my gallery owners’ daughter playing on the staircase running up + down, the awning preventing you from understanding to where it is the is going, or where it is she has come from.


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